Does Jasper Art use Dalle?

Just saw an announcement that the popular GPT3 based tool, Jasper, released an AI image generator.

Does anyone know if it is using Dalle 2? If so, does this mean an API rollout is being tested with some partners? Very exciting if that’s the case!

Probably stable diffusion, as it’s open source?

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Didn’t know about Stable Diffusion, thanks for sharing that!

They use Stable Diffusion aka Dreamstudio; if you put in “dogs playing poker” as the prompt, the images are nearly identical


I saw spam from them in my inbox, so not really interested in whatever they have to offer.

You probably signed up for them somewhere.

There’s probably no way to check or delete that account without giving them my card info first. Seen so many shady websites like that :yawning_face: