Does anyone here have access to Dalle 2?

The question of whether or not there is a clear and definitive answer to the question, “Are we all artists?” is something that has been debated for centuries. Many have debated on the issue and concluded that yes, indeed everybody can be an artist.
This is also true for those who are waiting for the Dalle2 Day when they will experience a breakthrough in their creativity.
The access date for Dalle 2 is also printed in golden letters on the artist’s calendar.

it’s like being born

Greetings to all of you who are waiting.

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I don’t have access to Dalle 2, but I think it’s important for everyone to have an outlet for their creativity, and it’s great to have resources like Dalle 2 available to help people get it done.
I personally wonder if it can be applied especially to games. I don’t see many examples in terms of animation and drawing continuity. If I gain access, I guess I’ll look at these parts first.

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