Does GPT3 mess up the empirical formula for calcium chloride?

Q)what is the empirical formula for calcium chloride?

A)The empirical formula for calcium chloride is CaCl. The empirical formula of a compound is the simplest whole-number ratio of atoms in the compound, and it is determined by reducing the molecular formula to its smallest whole-number ratio. In the case of calcium chloride, the molecular formula is CaCl2, but the empirical formula is obtained by dividing each element by its smallest whole-number multiple, resulting in a ratio of one calcium atom to one chlorine atom, or CaCl. The empirical formula is different from the molecular formula, because it represents the relative proportions of atoms in the compound, rather than the actual numbers of atoms.

(Firstly it’s ionic which is typically a big structure, and I doubt it’d be considered a molecule so I don’t think one would speak of it having a molecular formula…) But that aside. If you take the non empirical formula, CaCl2 , and simplify it to get the empirical formula, you get CaCl2

like 1:2 ratio simplified is still 1:2 !

I think the empirical formula should be CaCl2 Not CaCl!