CHAT GPT gives calculation error

So it has happened to me quite a few times now when chat gpt is doing miscalculations.

For instance, when I asked it to convert 70000 km/sec to miles per hour, it keeps giving 250,584,800 mph, where instead the actual answer is 156,585,492.

The same happened when I asked it to find the value of r at q = 250, where r(q) = 1000q - 2q^2. It keeps giving 150,000 when the actual answer is 125,000.

GPT is terrible at maths.

Because it is a large language model, it doesn’t have the logic to do complex maths and tends to make things up (The hallucination effect)

I wouldn’t use it for anything that involves calculations

There are ways to do a calculation is steps or to give it very select examples
But then the effort is not normally worth it (May as well do the calculation yourself)