C2PA Meta Data in DALL·E 3 Images

What is the C2PA standard and what does it enable?

C2PA is an open technical standard that allows publishers, companies, and others to embed metadata in media for verifying its origin and related information*.* C2PA isn’t just for AI generated images - the same standard is also being adopted by camera manufacturers, news organizations, and others to certify the source and history (or provenance) of media content.

What is OpenAI’s implementation of C2PA?

Images generated with ChatGPT on the web and our API serving the DALL·E 3 model, will now include C2PA metadata. This change will also roll out to all mobile users by February 12th. People can use sites like Content Credentials Verify to check if an image was generated by the underlying DALL·E 3 model through OpenAI’s tools. This should indicate the image was generated through our API or ChatGPT unless the metadata has been removed.

Metadata like C2PA is not a silver bullet to address issues of provenance. It can easily be removed either accidentally or intentionally. For example, most social media platforms today remove metadata from uploaded images, and actions like taking a screenshot can also remove it. Therefore, an image lacking this metadata may or may not have been generated with ChatGPT or our API.

We believe that adopting these methods for establishing provenance and encouraging users to recognize these signals are key to increasing the trustworthiness of digital information.





The easy next step: your account ID watermarked too.

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Well, since there’s no real action/interest from the open source/crypto community, it’s a green pasture for adobe to feast and poop on as they please.

It’s just the PDF story 2.0.

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This kind of digital watermarking technology has been around for more than a decade, but is there something different about this one?