Does ChatGPT still giving free 18$ credits for new users

I recently created a new account on ChatGPT for the sake of getting, 18$ free credits to try the features of ChatGPT API, but didn’t get the credits.
I wants to inquire that, is ChatGPT still giving free credits to their new users ?

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The 18$ grant is no longer offered, OpenAI now offer $5 for new signups. Note: if this is a second, third, etc. account you will not receive the grant.

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It was totally new account and i used new email and new phone,
But still not get even 5$ :pensive:,

Yes, but had you an account prior to that? If so that will be why. My guess is you used the same CC on 2 accounts.

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As i mentioned earlier, i used totally new email and phone number for creating a new account.
And didn’t used CC.
Still didn’t get $5 for testing API

Then, it seems, for whatever reason they’re not giving you the free credits.

Same, I never got credits either :confused: (This account I am on is a second account, but unrelated to my main) could it be that when I went to GPT API it thought I was trynna get extra credits so it didn’t give it to any on either accounts?

Not receiving the free credit now may be correct. OpenAI never promised free credits would always be granted. Also OpenAI does not inform even moderators of changes before they happen, we learn of them when you do. I can tell you that the ChatGPT Team option is something I have to learn about by asking for help from current users.