Does ChatGPT still giving free 18$ credits for new users

I recently created a new account on ChatGPT for the sake of getting, 18$ free credits to try the features of ChatGPT API, but didn’t get the credits.
I wants to inquire that, is ChatGPT still giving free credits to their new users ?

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The 18$ grant is no longer offered, OpenAI now offer $5 for new signups. Note: if this is a second, third, etc. account you will not receive the grant.

It was totally new account and i used new email and new phone,
But still not get even 5$ :pensive:,

Yes, but had you an account prior to that? If so that will be why. My guess is you used the same CC on 2 accounts.

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As i mentioned earlier, i used totally new email and phone number for creating a new account.
And didn’t used CC.
Still didn’t get $5 for testing API

Then, it seems, for whatever reason they’re not giving you the free credits.