Does ChatGPT Plus provide GPT-4 access?

One of the stated benefits of a ChatGPT Plus account is “Priority Access to New Features”

Does this mean we can access GPT-4 models with a ChatGPT Plus subscription? Would this be through the API or the Playground?

Any info would be helpful. I haven’t got a ChatGPT Plus membership, but would like to sign up for one, if it can give me GPT-4 functionality.


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Following up - I did sign up for a ChatGPT Plus membership, and it does give me access to the GPT-4 model. However:
a) the token length limit for this GPT-4 model is still the same as for the GPT-3.5 (4097 tokens, rather than 8k or 32k). I’m disappointed with that.
b) Access is only through the ChatGPT interface. Neither the API nor the Playground can be used with the ChatGPT Plus membership.

Correct, ChatGPT Plus is separate from the API and playground. They are different products.

Ref: chat-gpt-api-for-language-translation/324809/2

@sps I have gpt-4 enabled

else can you suggest if there is Business account, will this be accessible?

There’s no ChatGPT Business product available at the moment.

Sure you can have GPT-4 enabled on the as a benefit of the Plus subscription but that doesn’t mean you have access to the API. ChatGPT is a separate product from the API