If I upgrade my plan to plus, can I use the gpt-4 api?

If I upgrade my plan to plus, can I use the gpt-4 api ?
Or I should still apply additionally?
Can the gpt-4 api browsing the internet ?


No the OpenAI API and the ChatGPT don’t have anything to do with each other. I have plus, but no access to the gpt4 API . With that said though, TBH, in my opinion at least, GPT4 is not noticeably better. At least from what I’ve seen on ChatGPT.

You can make whatever your idea is just using 3.5. Then upgrade it with a flick of a switch. So if you are interested in making something, I’d just start now with 3.5, get the hang of it and an idea of some of the cost and infrastructure required and then when it is public, you can switch it over.


You should definitely apply for the API separately.

Having Plus may or may not accelerate your processing of the whitelist, but there’s no definite answer on if it would guarantee your access.

No, those are different user types, you need to have a platform account and the apply to get access.

FYI, GPT-4 is noticeably better when handling more complex requests, such as identifying bugs in a relatively complex program.

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No, browsing/plugins are not available on the API

Thanks for the heads up. The ChatGPT 4 version is to slow and too limited in requests to get any good feel for it. I suppose too, it might just be I have become pretty good at prompting and avoiding obvious problem spaces for the GPT.

Simple answer, no.

To use gpt-4 API:

  1. Go to GPT-4 (openai.com)
  2. Find “Join API waitlist” and add yourself to the waitlist.

I don’t know if they are still managing the API waitlist, but you can still try.