Do I able to use API on the Free plan?

Hi, I want to investigate the OpenAI API and I registered a new account for these purposes, but I can’t since I am receiving an error “You’ve reached your usage limit” for any models.

I have read about this issue in other topics and read a lot… Could anyone explain clearly: Do I able to use API on the Free plan or not?
If not - why documentation says that the Free plan has limits for 3 RPM and 200 RPD?

I want to pay for API and use it, but I can’t do it if I am faced with such issues at the beginning. What will guarantee me that I will not faced with the same issue after I pay the money?


Previously OpenAI gave free credits, but due to abuse or other reasons, they stopped. You’ll need to drop in at least $5 to use it, I believe.

If you have problems after paying, you can stop back by, and we can try to help you.

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Thank you so much!
The company should inform about it. Have to. Must! I spent a half day to understand what I was doing wrong, and now I am so tired and dejected. Why do they do it? This info should be anywhere!

Information is available about how to prepay to use the API, but simply is not thrust into the face of the new user.

OpenAI removed the prior granting of free trial credits to new accounts and stealthfully removed documentation talking about it. There has been absolutely not a peep that even says “we used to give credits, but no more”. There’s only confusing artifacts left behind in the API platform.

The bottom line is that documentation says the Free Plan has access to API, but as occurs - no. And you can’t know that until you ask in the forum.