Distorted faces plus including pre-existing images

I’m new to Dall.e. I tried generating images of people outside and all the faces were distorted, deformed, or just squiggly lines. How can I get nice faces?

Also, I have drawings I’d like to use as a basis for new images. How do I incorporate them?

I think OpenAI should just buy or associate with Midjourney :crazy_face:

That sounds like a lovely roundabout answer to my challenge.

You can specify that you want “photorealistic” images (or a similar lens instruction for Dalle-E) in your prompt.

When asking questions about prompts, it is normally best that we see the exact prompt you provided to Dall-E, TBH, otherwise we are just guessing.

However, there are a number of “meta (lens) instructions” you can provide to Dalle-E to generate images, for example you can specify photorealistic, impressionist, abstract, surrealist, gothic, and a much (much!) more.

See, for example:

See also this guidebook: