DALL-E for Image manipulating

Images can be very easily edited using DALL-E.

A simple demo is here:

I didn’t like what DALL-E did with my personal photo. At all….I lost confidence in it. However I gave it no directives, just uploaded the photo.

You have to mask the area, which you didn’t like. And then on the prompt suggest the improvement. Like - Put in a perfect smile!

Not trying to be argumentative…just clarifying my experience. Erase the whole image! DALL-E butchered my appearance. The glasses and eyes are not symmetrical.

The original picture is the same as my profile pic. I don’t think ai likes me….

Bad user experience with this! :wink:

Got your point! Maybe a few more tries would help. :slightly_smiling_face:

What prompt did you use?

It’s not really built to apply a filter or recreate your own image. I’m curious about the prompt you used, though.

Also, if you make everything transparent, I think it has a hard time latching onto anything… you might just try to change your face or smile or glasses.

Good luck and have fun!

No prompt ….I’m learning….would love to see examples of prompts to learn….

Okay, yeah, you might want to try something like “make this person frown” while erasing the mouth…

Or try “recreate this person but as an oil painting” …

The fun is in the experimenting! :wink:

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