Discrepancies in API Usage and Billing

I am writing to request an urgent investigation into an unexplained surge in API usage and token count that has been reflected in our recent billing, despite no corresponding records on our end. This has resulted in significant, unjustified charges.

Unrecognized Usage Period: 13 Jun - 20 Jun


  • Our logs/tools indicate no increase in API calls that could explain the reported surge.
  • The API key has been securely stored, with no possibility of unauthorized access. It also gets rotated monthly.
  • We’ve already rotated the API key as a precaution.
  • The spike in usage resolved itself and returned to normal without any intervention on our part(before changing the API key).

I have logs of every single call and token usage from our side. Please find details in the screenshots. I have been with the support/fraud department for the last 5 hours and no one is replying.
Any idea what is causing this issue? I have seen so many other threads explaining the same issue but don’t know why those threads got closed

I can only attach 1 file per message, Going to add all related screenshots in replies