Number of Tokens Used and Costs Exploded Since 17 Nov and Continue To Do So

I’m using a Chatbot with GPT- 3.5 Turbo model on my website to facilitate my site’s visitors. Since 17 Nov 2023, the ChatGPT API is charging me 6 to 10 times more than usual. The usage of tokens by visitors of my site is as it is as it was before 17 Nov. But usage of tokens shown on API usage page of my OpenAI account is 6-10 times more. I contacted OpenAI support team on 18 Nov, but I haven’t received any response from them yet.

I experienced the same issue of extra cost and tokens usage from 9 Oct to 18 Oct 2023 or till when I stopped using the ChatGPT API. When I contacted the support team on 16 Oct, they resolved the issue on 24 Oct, I was not informed what was the reason behind this issue, and refunded my amount that they charged extra.

My Suggestions:

  1. Resolve this issue of extra costs and tokens usage permanently because it affects the performance of our projects which results in our financial loss.
  2. Please improve your support system/customer care service. Waiting for your response for days and weeks, seeing extra costs, and resultantly experiencing the low performance of our projects which based on ChatGPT API are enough to give us a heart attack.

Just replied to your support request (you should receive an email).

Accordingly I’ll close this thread.