Did you get any answers to your Converge 2 application?

Did you get any response from your application?
I don’t mean the confirmation, but whether they were shortlisted or not.

Or will you only respond to those who were selected?

So nervous here :nerd_face:


Not yet :upside_down_face:

Hope we’re going to get them soon, even if the answer is negative

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Note: I am not an OpenAI employee.


  1. This Discourse forum is mainly for the OpenAI developers. (ref) So the question does have some connection to this forum. (ref)
  2. OpenAI Staff do not monitor this site. When you signed up you submitted an email address. Your question is not likely to get an answer from OpenAI staff here. An email is more likely.
  3. If Pandora had not closed the box in time you would really have some problems. It appears that hope is all that remains.

Hi, assuming sadly we didnt get into Converge 2-as it starts next week :confused:

Does anyone know of plans to perhaps connect the startups who applied into a community?

To give my team something it would be great to know the stats on how many applied, and how many got interviewed. Sure there was many quality applications.

Ian (totravelto.com)

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