Some deeper guidance or FAQ's about Converge-2?

Any additional guidance around who should apply to converge-2? The application website says anyone can, but I imagine there are some selection criteria, and now one wants to waste time preparing a proper application and sharing all their ideas, if some some reason the project has tiny chance of being selected considering the criteria that will be applied. The application website is very simple and high level, and the FAQ’s extremely limited. Hence if anyone has additional information or link to more guidance, it would be greatly appreciated ;- )

Think of it like “My first Y-Combinator application” if you ever thought about going for YC backing, give it a go.


Thank you, the issue is that I currently have another job as senior manager at a health tech company, and I am considering quiting my job to start the project I would submit to Converge2, but timing is tight and I would not like to waste my time and give away the idea unless i know there is some reasonably good fit with the selection criteria. I think its a very reasonable question, not just for me but many others who don’t know if their profile and/or idea has any chance of being selected. For example is someone with another current job (but willing/aiming to quit for this) seriously considered or practically ruled out from the start?

My advise to you is go for it, don’t quit your day job and see what happens. If you actually have a great idea and you keep it to yourself for months or years while you try and create something with limited resources, you will be throwing your potential business down the drain.

In life there are very few “doers” and lots of “talkers”. One is hard and the other is easy. If fear of someone stealing your idea is preventing you from going for this then I’d advise you push through it, the kinds of people able to help you make it a reality are also the people who understand intimately how hard it is to build something of value and so would rather do it with someone than against them in most cases.


I know a few that submitted an application.
Do you know whether they will announce the results soon?

The French have a term for this: “silence radio” :slight_smile:

I guess as common folk, we simply have to wait for their official blog/ press release disclosing the list of startups selected

Patience is not my greatest virtue, as a startup :slight_smile:

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Perhaps we can compose a list of people who submitted.
I am on twitter.

And try to help each other with information, tips or ideas how to promote each project. What is an ocean but a multitude of drops? :slight_smile: