Did openai get hacked because all kinds of crazyness is going on!

OpenAI website is all kinds of messed up for instance when you try to login it forces you to create a new account and chatgpt is almost completele unusable for code. I can give it working code and tell it just to correct the spelling in the comments and it will give me back totaly boinked code that makes no sence. What the heck is going on!

Welcome to the Developer Forum,

Can you post the prompt and the reply or better still, include the chatgpt chat link?

It seems to be working fine on my end as it is.

well, except this error whenever I try to post things:

  • I was able to log in using a new private browsing window multiple times
  • I got cat training instructions
  • I got it to write a GUI program to roll N dice with X sides. (after it first telling me how to get Qt Designer and make my own GUI.)

Have been working with the chat interface all morning without any issues. Logging in and out several times during development.

Try changing your IP back and forth via VPN. At least that solved my issue like the one you described last time it occurred.
The solution worked and the explanation was something along the lines of a single server being messed up instead of the whole service. Switching the IP then helped to get assigned to another, working server.

Hope this helps!