“Develop your own plugin” not visible after early access email

I received an email informing me I’ve been granted access to plugin development a few days back, but when I follow the directions to click “Develop your own plugin” in the Plugin Store I don’t see that option.
No “Open plugin devtools” option either.
What’s the fix?


I am encountering the same issue - looks like a similar issue happened with the folks who were in the batch last week? Can’t link to it but thread id is 266437.

Adding @logankilpatrick per suggestion of another thread with users who got confirmation email but not the “develop your own plugin” link.

Dear OpenAI, any news on the above, perhaps?

@logankilpatrick , could you please check?

I’m Developer.
I’m a Plus users and received the notification that I’ve been granted access to plugin development.
I would appreciate getting access to: Develop your own plugin and Install an unverified plugin options

Thank you.