Develop your own plugin - Couldn't find manifest

I am developing gpt plugins for the purpose of using multiple people with one account only on the private network.

The error message is as follows.
It says that the manifest file could not be found.

But I set it up as below.

  1. Set corresponding private network domain https
  2. Set corresponding private network domain CORS
  3. Check which part opens in the openapi.yaml and ai-plugin.json file browser
  4. Enter private network domain instead of localhost

Is there anything else I don’t know that I need to deal with?

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is your manifest file under

Yes, I checked through the private network that the ai-plugin.json file and openapi.yaml are opened in the browser.
It is composed only of private networks, so you will not be able to check the contents of the file.

did you grant chatgpt access to it ?

Isn’t it an openai IP address?
The openai domain is added to the CORS settings.

CORS is a a separate thing. If you have a restricted network you need to allow the IP range. ChatGPT calls plugins from their server, it’s not client-side.

The problem here is that the site doesnt have an SSL certificate.

I don’t know what you’re developing here, but the main site is pure malware, spam and scam’s.

Could you elaborate on that please?

Yes, I am running an EC2 instance that is responding to my browser requests but somehow ChatGPT says it can’t find manifest. I can’t even see its request on my EC2: