DevDay $500 API credits not found on the OpenAI account

I have participated in OpenAI DevDay. During the main presentation, all of the participants were offered $500 worth of API credits. However, I can’t see them on my account. Contacting support didn’t result in relevant answers to this question. I would appreciate any information on this and thank you in advance!

go to and click on the graph icon in the side bar and select usage, you should see a Credit Grant of $500

Thanks for the help @Foxalabs, but unfortunately I only see some expired $23 grant. I’ve only yesterday added a payment method and bought $5 of credits. Is it possible that the $500 have already expired? If so, shouldn’t I see some notification somewhere?

I’d reach out to and leave your email and a brief description of the issue.

It should not of expired, no. Are you sure this is the account and email used to sign up for DevDay?

Yes, I am sure about that, I’ve triple checked now, this is the account that got admitted and that I registered for the DevDay. The OpenAI chat was unfortunately not helpful at all, giving a generic answer about access to API credits. I’ve followed up with them, but I don’t expect to get an informative answer there as I’ve tried that multiple times already.

I’ll bring it up at our weekly meeting, drop me a dm with your email.

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