DevDay $500 API credits not found on the OpenAI account

I have participated in OpenAI DevDay. During the main presentation, all of the participants were offered $500 worth of API credits. However, I can’t see them on my account. Contacting support didn’t result in relevant answers to this question. I would appreciate any information on this and thank you in advance!

go to and click on the graph icon in the side bar and select usage, you should see a Credit Grant of $500

Thanks for the help @Foxalabs, but unfortunately I only see some expired $23 grant. I’ve only yesterday added a payment method and bought $5 of credits. Is it possible that the $500 have already expired? If so, shouldn’t I see some notification somewhere?

I’d reach out to and leave your email and a brief description of the issue.

It should not of expired, no. Are you sure this is the account and email used to sign up for DevDay?

Yes, I am sure about that, I’ve triple checked now, this is the account that got admitted and that I registered for the DevDay. The OpenAI chat was unfortunately not helpful at all, giving a generic answer about access to API credits. I’ve followed up with them, but I don’t expect to get an informative answer there as I’ve tried that multiple times already.

I’ll bring it up at our weekly meeting, drop me a dm with your email.

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Was this solved? I noticed the same problem. I was at the DevDay, but my 500$ are not on my account (and I did not spend them).

I’ll let @Foxalabs respond with his update, and if he had success making contact, another attendee that did receive credits, however they had an unexpectedly short expiration time that passed.

One wonders, now having had access to assistants and gpt-4-turbo, how well AI attention was paid to emitting to a tool flawlessly all the attendees when it was run live, as others also reported being skipped. They must have tried this out many times on a test tool to ensure it didn’t go into a loop or output JSON mode garbage or simply terminate…

You can check your account login, organization, and see if it matches event registration information.

Mine expired after 3 months, you can of course reach out to and use the support bot in the bottom right to enquire about it.

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