Delete an accidental organization

I created an API account a while ago using my work email, and I created an organization “CompanyName”. Now my company has actually joined the paid version, and I was invited to a new organization “CompanyName”.

I can’t leave the old organization because I’m the only member. I can use the API to query GPT-4, but I can’t access it via Playground. This is even after selecting the new one as both the API default and my selected account in the top right. How do I delete the old organization?


I’m facing the same issue. Is there a way to delete an organization?

It is unlikely you’ll want to “delete” your account’s own organization. That would make your account basically forever unable to use the API (in the old days, you could contact the real OpenAI to have one recreated, but that’s not likely to be fixed easily now).

My own account can be part of several organizations, including a “Personal” one. I’d still be interested in deleting the useless organization that was created by mistake.

Here’s how you can "delete an accidental organization (keep in mind, it’s likely owned/managed by someone.

  • Select the correct organization in the account dropdown menu list below your name
  • Verify that the correct organization is selected (and I mean really verify)
    – Go to manage account and see that the right organization is the top of the menu of options
    – Go to settings and see that the organization name and ID is shown
    – Go to members and see that the members are as expected.
  • Then if you are the owner and there are others, you’ll want to remove all others so nobody is left with access the organization in “members”
  • Remove all billing information, sanitize personal information not needed.

Then you have two ways to proceed, only the second could actually “delete”:

  • go back to members and press “leave” on your own name; gone forever for you
  • and/or message through the “help” icon at the top right and request the ID be deleted (don’t know if this will actually be done by staff)

Then verify API key default organization.

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