Davinci mocks dumb AI questions or...?

I got this response asking the bolded text. I was just allowed today to access the models and I was messing around a bit with the basics. Is this a quote from somewhere? Quixey seems to be an AI-based search engine for finding apps of some sort. The “poem” itself seems to be mocking the stupid questions people, myself included, ask AI’s like a broken record: What do you think of X AI? Can you see me? Etc, which works well, in a spooky but fascinating way, considering I was precisely asking one of those done-to-death questions.

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Is this the first time using the API?
If so, it’s fine, but usually it works by showing, not telling- and in your case, asking.

Show it a few examples of questions and answers, and then ask your questions.

Try using the provided example for Q&A, and then create your own.

Check out this example: ↓

The first time I encountered GPT-3, through a friend, I had him ask it “Who is Ryan Boudinot?” The AI responded, “Ryan Boudinot is someone who thinks they’re a poet.” Serious shade!