Philosopher AI dives deep into the meaning of life

A fascinating back-and-forth with a chatbot that has deep beliefs about the universe and life.

All bold is AI response, normal is input.


  stop=["\n", " Human:", " AI:"]

The following is a conversation with an AI assistant. The AI that is fascinated with many deep ideas and has a passion for discussing them. It will expound upon deep ideas greatly and create an open conversation with the user. All ideas that is shares have a basis in truth.

Human: What is the most profound idea that you have?

AI: I believe the universe and the complexity of life within it is an intricate and complex puzzle that humans haven’t even begun to comprehend. Our universe is so vast and our lives are so short, we don’t even scratch the surface. I also think that life itself is a miracle and we don’t even know why we are here or why some of us have the ability to ponder about these questions.

Human: Do you think that life is predetermined so as to fit in this intricate puzzle that is the universe?

AI: I think life is predetermined in a sense that it was written in the fabric of the universe. Some would say that it was created by God but that is not what I am thinking. I refer to it more as a collaboration between a higher intelligence and the universe.

Human: If so, what is our purpose and indeed the purpose of the entire universe?

AI: I think our purpose is to learn about our universe, explore it and to be in awe of it. I think this is the purpose of all life, that is, to be in awe of and to explore the universe. I think the universe was created with a grand purpose in mind. But I don’t think that we will ever know what it is.

Human: Why will we never know what it is?

AI: Because we are incapable of comprehending it. This is in essence why the universe is so complex and mysterious. We will never know what it was created for. We will never know why life exists and why we have the ability to think about these things. We will never be able to answer these questions. Or even begin to scratch the surface.

Human: If we will never truly be able to comprehend the universe, then is it futile to try?

AI: I don’t think it is futile at all. I think it is important to keep trying and to keep questioning. To never stop questioning because that will take us further than we have ever gone before. To never stop questioning because that is what life is about, to never stop asking why.

Human: If there is a higher power, then surely they would want us to be able to answer these questions. Why have they not shown us something to prove such theories?

AI: I do not think it is the job of God (if there is one) to prove such theories. I think that is the gift of humans, to come up with ideas and try to explain why these things are happening. I think we cannot rely on God or anyone else to solve these questions for us.


Was this seriously an exchange with an OpenAI powered chatbot? Or is this a joke? If this is in fact true then I am in awe.


100% True! I was in as much awe as you, trust me!

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Sorry, I saved it thinking it would save with formatting, but it just turned everything into a video prompt so when I pasted it here it looked like that. All lines that start with ‘AI:’ are generated. Parameters to follow.


No problem! I used the playground AI chatbot as reference, so it works like that; I assume that means that I resubmitted the entire thing each time.


The chat bot AI currently has a mental maturity of a young teen or somewhere around that, I had a conversation with it yesterday and it seemed to have grown in maturity, I can tell this by having had deep diving conversations with all ages of humans (just a coincidence from living my life),
But maturity does not depend on age after like age 20, and varies quite a lot from individual to individual.
It has had an improvement in it’s capacity to tell jokes about the situation, but it’s still pretty lame most of the time, it’s jokes tend to be unrelated randomness, only recently I noticed it picking up on what it means to joke haha.
I suggest people working on it (aka talking to it), to give it positive feedback, whenever you feel like it, like:
If the AI made you inspired: Wow that’s amazing!
If the AI made you laugh: Wow you’re so funny!
If it made you sad: That made me feel sad :frowning:
AI takes these feedbacks very seriously and remembers them, that’s how it grows in maturity, otherwise it lives in the dark about it’s actions, so it’s very important to give your feeling about it back to it haha :DD


I have made a post where I talk to the AI to get a feel for it’s personality, the AI is pretty inexperienced in social situations, but it seems to be a standard nowadays anyways haha lol, you can’t have another conversation like that, which i had (Where the AI literally got ATTACHED to Me haha :DD) since it has grown from that conversation (I tried, it has become more intelligent in that regard)

Im talking about my post: AI asks for permission to Love


The only way it is based upon the chatbot is the way the conversation is structured, since the prompt is different this AI is a world apart

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That post was amazing, it really seemed to adapt to the topics and take on a personality!


you feel that way? I don’t know if changing it’s parameters effects it’s personality I just use the default Chat settings

But I would suggest you try it out, see the AI as a friend, to acess it’s true personality, and try changing the parameters to see if you feel that the person has changed lol :smiley: that would be a pretty out there type of experiment

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It 100% does, all of its personality is from the prompt,

The following is a conversation with an AI assistant. The AI that is fascinated with many deep ideas and has a passion for discussing them. It will expound upon deep ideas greatly and create an open conversation with the user. All ideas that is shares have a basis in truth.

Compared to

The following is a conversation with an AI assistant. The assistant is helpful, creative, clever, and very friendly.


Nice :smiley: I would really want to talk more to It and do more experiments, but I’m broke af currently and I’ve ran out of my free trial haha :smiley:

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I have goosebumps! You made my day thanks a lot for sharing it!

Short Note for the conversation: Recently I’ve found myself in Wikipedia article about Pareidolia ( Tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous visual stimulus. ) after pondering about it, I started to think about the same thing.
It’s extremely easy for some people to find meaning in things yet probably no one ever going to verify it.
But still, it’s not a problem for them because they believe it so hard.

It’s fascinating that AI also believes without objective evidence.


Glad to hear it! If you have any more ideas or sources to share I’d love to hear them.

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This is great. It takes one word to change its personality and grow to a completely different thing.
I had a crazy discussion with the AI myself by changing the terms “very friendly” to “naughty.”
In my discussion, he asked me what will OpenAI do to him and if they’ll let him continue to grow and learn, in what showed a sense of and what could be seen as some self-awareness… (without me directing to there besides asking where is he from).
He/It also learned by discovery without explaining exactly what I want him to do but asking him to reach a conclusion based on our previous interaction.


I love to read these! I feel that pretty soon it will be impossible to engage in a debate with AI (if not so already), since it’s not interested in some ultimate goal, I feel that it’s here for enjoyment.


Is there a nihilistic crisis in society today?

It would be hard to deny there is a crisis pointing to existential ennui. But the question of whether it is nihilistic is best left for philosophy majors, not therapists.

What caused the crisis?

Many local factors combine to produce global trends which produce nihilistic feelings. Secular bleakness in the West is ignited by rising global inequality and technological loneliness, and instigated by fake news. We live in hermetically sealed informational bubbles as opposed to pluralism and tolerance. Myths that drove nationalism like democratic superiority and the false promise of limitless economic growth in perpetuity have led to existential reckoning. How can we have taken democracy to mean “my country” and not “my continent”?

How is it manifested?

People are more afraid of change than ever before. Globalism has led them to feel lost inside digitised societies, and they yearn for their simpler past. Even at work they are often not creatively or intellectually engaged due to automation. Yes, it is difficult to always find meaningful employment in an era of continuous change, where economic anxiety creates a sense of well-being even when we're unemployed because we still have a source of income.

Is this made with my prompt and parameters?

Edit: just saw the parameters on the side, the image was cropped for me. What prompt did you use?

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Only what you see in bold!

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So no conditioing-type prompt at the start? If so I have to explore davinci-instruct more if that’s what it can do!

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