Davinci invents 404 links

Hello everyone!
Tell me what instructions should be given so that “text-davinci-003” does not change links from the context? The fact is that he can come up with a non-existent link by reproaching part of the URL in the middle or end.


ChatGPT is not a “he”, BTW. ChatGPT is just a text completion engine based on probabilities in a large language model.

You just described how LLM generative AIs work. The generative AIs just “make things up” based on a stochastic process of picking the next text (tokens) in a sequence based on the prior tokens. It will help you a lot if you think about the models without assigning human pronouns and other human traits to language models.

These generative AI models are not AI expert systems. These models are “language models” not “technical models” and not “encyclopedias” so they “do what they do” which is to generate text in the form of natural human language.

This topic has been discussion a lot here in this community, BTW @MikhailMike

There is a little magnifying glass on the upper, right corner of this web site where you can search and catch up on all the discussions about this.

Hope this helps.


I tried to find a similar case, but I didn’t.

I use GPT as a consultant on the site. I pass the product name/category + URL to the prompt. In some cases, GPT modifies the link and it becomes 404. Tell me how to solve this, if you know. Thanks.