David Faber's name triggers error in ChatGPT

OK here’s a strange one (credit to /u/dont_trust_the_popo on Reddit for discovering this one). When mentioning a specific individual’s name (“David Faber”, a CNBC journalist) in any query/context, I consistently get a “Something went wrong while generating the response.” error, immediately.

  1. The error only occurs when this particular name is mentioned in text input.
  2. Misspelling the name (e.g. “David Fabr” or “avid Faber”) or using it in an image input does not trigger the error.
  3. The issue does not occur when using the OpenAI API directly.
  4. No other CNBC journalists’ names trigger this error.

Probably not a bug.

There have been incidents where the models have mistakenly associated derogatory “facts” with certain public figures.

Once a model is baked you can’t really fix something like that, do the solution is to filter any possibly problematic messages.

It’s far more likely this is the issue rather than some weird and random bug.