Data Analysis in Custom GPT can’t read the file

I made a custom gpt today and included a csv.

It uses data analysis.

It worked fine at first, and right after i publicly posted it, the file uploaded is no longer able to be read.

It just says:

Error analyzing

It appears that there is a technical issue preventing me from accessing the CSV file directly. Unfortunately, without being able to access the file, I cannot provide the details of the last material listed. If you have any other questions or a different request, feel free to let me know! ​

Is there an outage of some sort?

I get that A LOT.

In fact, I’m here because I’m trying to figure out if there’s a more reliable way to analyze .csv and xls files.

Today it worked at least once, but now it won’t generate images… curious about the disconnect between the reliability of custom vs chatgpt.