DALLE3 Rolling out to ChatGPT Plus members

Anyone heard from any birdies that might know of a release date yet? :smiley:

Of all the likely dates, DevDay 6th November seems a fairly good choice.

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The API is finally available! Sucky part is that it only allows you to generate one image at a time :crazy_face:

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Yeah, I had to change my set-up a bit…Looking good tho!

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Very cool!!! I actually love this! Great job, Paul!

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Thanks. Still have to change some prompts from the DALLE2 version, but I’m liking it for simple avatar generation…

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This is a robust and active discussion about DALLE3 rolling out for ChatGPT Plus members. PaulBellow, who has early access, provides a deep dive into the features, uploading samples, and voicing his observations. The quality of resulting images impresses him, and he mentions the gradual roll-out approach.

His posts include: discussing the modified prompting (now easier and with natural language use), mentioning certain copyright restrictions, and providing samples of the new DALLE3 contrasted with the older DALLE2.exp (2),3,5). He also reveals the setup for its beta phase 16.

PaulBellow attempts generating 1024x1024 wide single images (9) and highlights potential improvements with the text prompting (10). He guides when this would become available in Plus subscriptions and where it would be moved during the beta stage (11, 12, 16).

He further points out outlining future plans for better image management and mass production (28) while also discussing the feature to implement image seeding controls (30).

PaulBellow also features his Twitter handle to direct users to more of his tests (30) and attempts image variation prompts (31). There are questions from petebrown.mailbox, asking about DALLE3 availability on Plus subscriptions, and Guigo, querying about credit requirements. Chillchar1234 and weverton express their gratitude and eagerness to use the rolled-out service, respectively. PaulBellow responds to Guigo stating that there isn’t a credit system on ChatGPT Plus DALLE3 but there are constraints on generation limits per hour.

Meanwhile, _j shares a link covering a differing perspective. robert.jank, robert.jank2 vents frustration at not receiving the DALLE3 even after refreshing.

Summarized with AI on Nov 30 2023
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