DALLE 3 seed problem and rotation problem

It seems like there is a problem with seeds in DALLE, or something. It seems to be generating the same image with the same prompt - even after starting new chat.

Despite getting the same prompt, there is still plenty of space for interpretation, so it should not generate one image and decide that that’s it.

I tried using different seeds and that seems to be the problem.
Can anyone replicate? Do you also get the same photo with the same prompt?

this is the prompt used in the example, but but I already came across similar bug in multiple instances:

use this exact prompt: Vertical full-length studio shot capturing a 17-year-old girl with an elegant posture. Her strawberry blonde hair is neatly braided, and her blue eyes shine behind the rectangular eyeglasses. Dressed in a grey turtleneck, black trousers finishing above the ankle, and white leather sneakers without socks, she presents a stylish appearance against a neutral backdrop.

Different example in completely new chat window - I even specifically asked it to forget our previous interaction. See the problem? Without specifying any clothing style, she is wearing a very similar outfit to what I was generating earlier today in completely different chat window.

BTW, there is also a rotation problem that is happening in most of the attempts I tried - I ask for a tall/vertical/upright/… photo of the subject and it places her horizontally on a tall format for no reason.

Does anyone have an idea where is the problem? Can anyone replicate it?

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testing 2 days later, with deleted cookies + refresh

use this prompt exactly as provided: A tall full-body portrait of a woman on grey background

  • I asked DALLE to replicate the prompt exactly because otherwise it will just generate different prompts for each variation in the background, which obviously gives a different result since it’s a different prompt.

  • However, when I purposefully give it a vague prompt that is open to interpretation, it always comes up with the same result that is somehow influenced by the prompts I tested with DALLE several days ago (woman in grey turtleneck and black pants). Now it seems that to DALLE, every woman from now on will look the same unless specified differently in the prompt.

  • notice that I haven’t used grey turtleneck or black pants in this prompt and yet it made her that way…

  • even when I was testing this earlier with more detail, the variations looked too similar - there could be so many variations on how that outfit looks, yet she pretty much always wore the same pants and turtleneck… yes, she will wear something else when prompted, but somehow it defaults to this. Even her looks are very similar to what I was asking in earlier testing - without specifying her looks now

and by the way - she is still turned to the side for some reason as well


I also checked this before and even informed the support about this problem, of course got ignored.

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I also informed support and sent them this link. I don’t think they actually checked it because the response was pretty general, basically asking me to let them know about the problem…

can you try using my prompt (at ehe beginning) to see if you get similar result? I’m curious whether this woman is default for everyone using the same prompt, or it’s just my account.

or actually, maybe try using this more general prompt that doesn’t specify her outfit:

use this prompt exactly as provided: A tall full-body portrait of a woman on grey background

after that, open the image and check it didn’t change the prompt just to make sure. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep the same

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Thanks for testing it. Now, I find it really weird that it would have the same base interpretation of “woman” for someone else while there are so many other variations possible… It’s like it remembered my earlier prompts and made them a base for everyone :smiley:

Or maybe, that’s how GPT sees “herself” and so she defaults to this without additional description … :thinking: :smiley:

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