Dall-e will not render almost same prompt

It is getting harder and more frustrating to create a design with Chatgpt plus/ Dall-e as it now blocks similar prompts that are used before. So finetuning an image/prompt is no longer possible?

I do not understand this restriction. Why can’t I create multiple images from the same prompt? (As there is no other way to create something particular but make slightly different variations of the same prompt to get where you want it to be.)

This is the weird restriction:

DALL-E: "Since the request remains quite similar to the previous ones and we’ve already created images based on that, generating more images with slight modifications might not provide significantly different results. If there are specific aspects you’d like to alter or a completely new idea you’re interested in exploring, please share those details. This way, we can ensure the generated images are fresh and aligned with your expectations.

And yet, when I change ‘specific aspects’ in the prompt to get ‘slight modifications’ it will refuse doing so. It is totally not ‘aligned’ with my expectations. And there is no ImageID, Seed or other way to get more specific. So blocking used prompts is making Dall-e more unusable.