Dalle 3: Prompt for full-body portraits


I’m currently testing the dalle 3 beta and trying to create full body portraits, but no matter what I prompt, it doesn’t work. The explicit prompt to create a full body portrait does not work, even in combination with the prompt to show all parts from head to feet. What I get is a portrait and then some additional body parts around the portrait.

It also doesn’t work when I try to describe shoes, poses and the hands.

Are you guys having the same problem? Has anyone found a good prompt for this?


“full body studio photograph of a fictional 1980 teen pop star for their album cover”

2 of 4 included all the way down to gratuitous socks.

A boy with long hear with a car in back and standing in a pose

how did you do that ?, could you share the prompt, ? or any advices

It is API coding directly. Where ethics is more flexible.

Thank you, i don’t know about Api coding, could you share a tutorial.??

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