Recent changes? Dall-E API results seem different, lower variety

I have been generating a lot of images using prompts very similar to this, changing sometimes the role “Project manager” or exchanging the word “feminine” for “masculine” or changing the city:

3D rendered cartoon avatar of feminine Project Manager from Atlanta, highlight hair, centered, studio lighting, looking at the camera, dslr, ultra quality, sharp focus, tack sharp, dof, Fujifilm XT3, crystal clear, 8K UHD, highly detailed glossy eyes, high detailed skin, skin pores, international, high contrast background, NOT ugly, NOT disfigured, NOT bad

After generating a lot of images from this prompt with a wide variety of results, recently it has resulted in much less variation. Generating several images with this prompt seems to regularly produce a project manager with a green shirt (often red accents), long black hair, brown skin, brown eyes, and a very low contrast background color.