DALL-E type interactions for developers

Hi OpenAi team,

We see you are able to inject promots as buttons into your Dalle Gpt, and I was wondering if you plan to allow us to do the same. Often it helps to coach users on prompting so the ability to suggest the next promots would make Gpts much more user friendly and give better results.

Conversation starters are great, but after that the user is on thier own. Using this mechanism we could direct/suggest flows of a conversion and teach poeple strategies like chain of thought etc.

We could simply have a section in the instructions that tell a custom gpt the kinds of steps a conversion should follow, and then the gpt would provide buttons like you have in your Gpt.

I made a browser plugin that dowd this and it is very helpful but of course only useful in a dwsktop browser.


Well for aspect ratio at least, you can specify the resolution in the API request outside the prompt text using the “size” parameter. (Either 1024x1024, 1024x1792 or 1792x1024)

I really don’t know why the official DALLE tool puts the wide aspect ratio into the prompt.

You can also check the solution at poe.com where they keep adding new conversation ‘follow-ups’ throughout the conversation.

I never used them and I think they distract if one is already working with a established flow. At least I would wish for an option to turn this feature off when not needed.