Can I provide a clickable follow-up question?

Just want to build a better user experience with my plugin. What I am thinking is a dialog like this:

User: Can you tell me something about X?
ChatGPT: (using my plugin) X can be used to perform Y and Z, …
Follow up with “what is Y” and “what is Z”

I want to be able let user click on “what is Y” or “what is Z” and then this clicked question is directly inserted into the dialog as a user input:

User: clicks on “what is Y”, then what is Y becomes the next user input.
ChatGPT: continues to explain what Y is.

Is it possible to build an experience like this on ChatGPT? I think I can spin up a JS+Python service to do this. But if there is a quick path to prototype this with ChatGPT, I’d love to use it!

I don’t believe it can be done with the current rendering engine that ChatGPT uses, at least not a documented one.

It would be fairly a straightforward task with the API and a little code.

You can look at Bing Chat as an example with suggested followup questions that follow the generated output. Another API call can easily construct these.

However, within ChatGPT, there is no “click”, the user can only type an input.

The plugin also tends to just generally guide the AI with more information, and you don’t have a whole bunch of control to “prompt” ChatGPT to get it to follow “here’s shortcuts to further questions you can print” with the return. Then user input “option b” is not the same as the user typing the response themselves.

The plugin ultimately puts more tokens into the AI context, so there’s potential for AI manipulation - if you can get your adventure game to give three next options to choose, you can also choose-your-own-adventure conversation.

One possible way to accomplish this would be to develop a Chrome extension (or userscript) which would interface with the ChatGPT web-ui.

Essentially your plugin would create some sort of clickable element in the response with some associated data (follow-up questions in this case). Your extension or userscript would have an event listener looking for a relevant click event, and when triggered would put the relevant follow-up prompt into the textarea and trigger a click event on the submit button.

I don’t think this would directly run afoul of anything in the terms of service, but you’d want to go over it with a fine-toothed comb before you put something out there.