DALL•E pushed our creativity - like nothing else before

In this blog post, we discuss how we have used DALL•E 2 to nurture our own creativity at Hoomano while building Mojo, the emotional digital assistant.

We have been curious to ask DALL•E about our concept of an emotional digital assistant, and DALL•E produced 4 visual representations of an emotional digital assistant (shown in the blog post).

We discuss each of the representations and what they could mean.

We are really excited about the potential of DALL•E 2 and the revolution of an AI-powered creative process.

Spoiler: Something very new and interesting came out of the process for us.

Happy to share with the community here and looking forward for your feedback.


This image in particular is amazing. I hope that you can somehow insert into your project.



Absolutely !

I really feel like the character is tell a story like:
“Hey, look at what I’ve just prepared for you ! I’ve put so much in it that I can’t wait you to test it. I’m just humbly waiting for you to use it, so that I’ll learn what’s good and what could be better…”

I love the time we’re living in.