On finding a synthetic relationship between Dall-e and artists

Hi there,
I learned about Dalle two days ago (friends told me) and was super stoked to see this technology in action.
One feature that sounded particularily interesting is uploading your own image to create variations of it.
In my brief search for possible applications I didnt find much but there is probably an idea lurking here.
The first thing I did with your technology was upload my own artistic pictures and see what happens.
The results were fascinating to say the least. There is no doubt in my mind that this is art and that this is the future.

However concerns have been raised over the ethical validity of successively replacing real artists work with ai generated art.
The idea is now to approach artists yourself and ask them to upload their pictures, create variations and share them with the world.
I believe that both sides can benefit from this tremendously.
You taking the proactive side and engaging in this discussion within your framework, all the while giving artists from different backgrounds an opportunity to present their work. Furthermore this conveys the idea that your technology will revolutionize the world in a way that is directly opposite to public apprehensions (“They took our jobs!”). With this technolohy even those without opportunity (like disabled people) or talent (like me) can engage in creating art and there is still a skillset you have to master in order to use this most efficiently (like generating optimal prompts or weighted inputs).
Thirdly this raises the possibility for iterative interactions between humans and Dalle, generating a history of pictures within minutes. Picture the beginning as the original, then an array of self-feed iterations by Dalle and timed interventions by the artist again.
These iterative processes may serve as a foundation for Human-AI cooperation not just in this field but more general.

And finally let me finish this off by saying that I’m neither an artist myself nor an expert on AI (studying BSc Physics atm). Im just deeply enthusiastic about creating a synthetic relationship between Humans and AI!
I hope you found this idea interesting…
And thanks for staying open minded,