Experiment: Using Dall-E mini to create logos (while I wait for full Dall-E 2 access)

Hi guys,

I saw a great video today by Two Minute Papers about Dall-E 2. What a time to be alive!

While we wait for access, I decided to follow his advice, and play with a “mini” version of Dall-E, which is hosted here:

Dall-E Mini was created by this amazing dev: https://twitter.com/borisdayma

I first asked GPT-3 to write some prompts for logo generation that Dall-E Mini would understand. GPT-3’s suggested instructions are in green.

Take a look at some of the results! (for fun: try to guess which prompts led to which logos)

It looks like this mini model has a pretty hard time with abstract ideas, but it’s fun to see none-the-less. I would love to see how Dall-E 2 can handle these kinds of prompts!


This is amazing! Thanks for sharing @cal