DALL-E missing in Open AI

Everytime i go to login on the DALL-E website, there is not an option to continue to DALL-E, only ChatGPT and API. I cleared my cookies recently, could this have something to do with it? Would appreciate any answers. See screenshot below

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Welcome to the forum.

DALLE3 beta is only available via ChatGPT Plus (fewer restrictions) and Bing Search (free but restrictions…)

API and Labs for DALLE3 is coming soon. Hope you stick around.


I’ve discovered this morning that, no Dall·e’s here, and no dall·e’s web work anymore, BUT top right user menu:


Login and there you go…
Rare as it seems. :thinking:

That’s what’s known as Labs, which is the original web GUI for DALLE2. DALLE3 is not available via Labs or API at this time.

For sure, but I’m pretty sure that what OP is talking about, is that day ago, on the posted webpage, there were 3 gray blocks: ChatGPT / Dall·E / API.
but this very morning? Just two of’em.

No one talked about Dall·E 3 or 2 or whatever… or at least, so see we all.

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Gotcha. I hadn’t caught that myself as I only visit a few pages daily (mostly Playground…)

That said, I wonder if they’ll be phasing out Labs? I hope not because of the outpainting feature / tools. They might just be trying to avoid confusion for people looking for DALLE3 (ie ChatGPT…) thought they still have the API grey box, so who knows! :wink:

Thinks are moving fast…

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I type in: labs.openai.com in the address bar of my browser.

I also am so irritated this morning. I paid the $20 for premium yet this morning I also only see the two options for OpenAi and API and then when I pull down the menu and go to “visit DALL-E” it says I am “out of credits”! WTF? So what did I pay for? Is there suddenly a bug in DALL-E? I also cannot view any of my previously generated images from a few days ago. Anyone know what’s going on?

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Welcome to the forum.

There’s 3+ ways to access DALLE3

  1. Bing (Free, limited…)
  2. ChatGPT Plus ($20/month, less restrictions)
  3. Labs (labs.openai.com) - DALLE3 is NOT available here yet.
  4. API - DALLE3 is NOT available here yet.

Hope this clears up some of your confusion.

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I have ChatGPT plus but I thought that included DALL-E. I only generated a few images the other day and now I can’t generate any nor view my history. What happened? is DALL-e not part of the $20 plan?

Are you not seeing it here?

yes I see that but when I click it, it takes me to DALL E and says that I am out of credits and I don’t see any of the images from the other day. Do I ALSO have to buy credits? I don’t understand what I paid for.

Can you post a screenshot? I think you’re confusing Labs and ChatGPT Plus…

I thought GPT PLus included DALL-E.

Great. It looks like you’ve selected the right model.

Can you not type where it says “Send a message…” ?

To get your previous images, you need to click the correct “thread” where you created them - on the right hand side of your screen.

where on the right? It’s blank on the right. I just want to generate images and I can’t anymore.

D’oh. Sorry. Meant on the left.

Are you new to ChatGPT?

It’s working now. That was weird AF

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Good. Glad you got it sorted.

If you search dalle3 on the forum, we’ve got a lot of great tips in multiple threads. Hope you stick around our growing community.

thanks for your help. That was super confusing. Haha.

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