DALL·E Images in ChatGPT Environment Saved as WEBP Despite PNG Extension

I’ve encountered a file format discrepancy issue while using the DALL·E image generation feature within the ChatGPT environment in the official iOS app (I haven’t tested the web app). The images generated by DALL·E, which are supposed to be in PNG format, are actually in WEBP format, despite being saved with a ‘.png’ extension in the data directory. This has caused compatibility issues when importing these images into other software, such as Adobe Lightroom Mobile, which does not support WEBP files.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use the DALL·E feature in ChatGPT to generate an image.

  2. Download the generated image, which appears to be a PNG file.

  3. Attempt to import the image into software that supports PNG but not WEBP (e.g., Lightroom Mobile). The import fails.

  4. Inspect the image using Python’s PIL library, revealing the image is actually a WEBP file, not PNG.

Expected Behavior: The images generated by DALL·E should be in the PNG format as indicated by their file extension.

Actual Behavior: The images are in WEBP format but are labeled and saved as PNGs, leading to compatibility issues with software that does not support WEBP.

This format discrepancy is misleading and problematic for applications that rely on accurate file formats. I hope this issue can be addressed to ensure compatibility and consistency in the DALL·E feature within ChatGPT.