DALL-E dotnet sdk

I just released a new version of dotnet SDK which includes DALL-E features too.
I appreciate any feedback and support

betalgo/openai: Open AI GPT-3 and DALL-E dotnet SDK (github.com)


Hello, I’m interested in this… let’s see if I understand though. Would I need to have the dotnet package from Microsoft to use this? What could I do to help your out so I might be able to use this… Thanks also for any help… how can I support? :slight_smile:
I am retired, but I have had at one time quite a bit of knowledge of MS VBA knowledge. And, although it’s been a while, several languages… including VB before it’s current, and to me, more complicated recent iterations. VB with dotnet.

I’ve used, and have an old github account. What would I need to do to give this a go on my machine? Win10Pro. 3 yrs old. i5 processor 16GB mem, and NVIDIA 6GB.

I made a simple video to show how you can create a project and start to use SDK. I do not have any knowledge about VB but if you look for how can use NuGet libraries in VB you may find some samples.

This package only makes requests to OpenAI servers. so you don’t need a powerful machine.

how to start to use Betalgo.OpenAI.GPT3 - YouTube

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Thank you so much, while I loathe the idea of being committed to someone else’s machine in creating some kind of “legacy”. It’s certainly a start in creating the background needed to have one run, and therefore worth some effort to make it work. I realize that, I think, most of the work in AI to get what you hope will work requires providing the dataset from which the AI can create the responses… and after nearly 20 years of folders of files, emails, writings, etc… all original work… there might be a little bit of me in there somewhere, it would be interesting, no?

Maybe at some point, there will be something stable that will be a reliable base upon which to build such an AI. As for now, everyone is breaking new ground, yes?