.Net C# support?


I am a newbie in GPT-3. Only tried to play with it within the playground so far. Very excited to be here.

I do see a lot of potential of using GPT-3 in our service related to architecture. However most of our tools are made in .Net framework C# due to the applications and legacy requirements. How hard would it be to call GPT-3 api from C#?


Good question! We have C# / .NET bindings among our community libraries - would this work? Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

A more recent nuget package forked on the above project called OpenAI-DotNet is more up to date and is a little cleaner API


Thanks for sharing this! I’ll share it with the team to see if we can add it to the Community Libraries in the documentation.

I have also been working a library for c# called OpenAI.Net.Client. Supports .net 6 and all the current API’s. Feel free to have a look here .

Hi, that’s my library, I submitted the form for it to be listed but haven’t seen any updates.


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