DALL-E Character Consistency Issues

Hey everyone! I’ve have encountered a consistent issue for the last day or so. Whenever I request DALL-E to make modifications like “removing a beard” from a character, it often ends up generating a completely different character rather than just making the specific change. A few days ago, I could modify images, such as clothe, position, and expression while preserving the same face and hair.

Has anyone else faced this inconsistency? If so, do you have any tips or workarounds?


Welcome to the forum.

DALLE3 is still in beta, and there’s been quite a few changes in the last couple weeks. What type of prompt are you using?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for you replaying. My original prompt said “Generate a Pixar-style image of David, the young shepherd from the Bible, at 18 years old. He should have curly red hair that reaches his shoulders and a thin red beard. Please depict him in historically accurate clothing for the time and the role of a shepherd.” One of the two images it generated was good, I liked it.

When I asked " using image ID 60692995-55a9-40a9-8f6e-510fb707bc90, slightly turn the image to the size, yet keeping the same image and full body" it gave me a completely different image, different style.

I’m sorry, as a new users I can only put one embedded media item in a post.