Not following simple prompts and inaccurate edits

Anyone experiencing this? its very frustrating. In another thread, I asked for the clinician to not be wearing a lab coat. After it spat the same image out multiple times, it proceeded to argue with me about it. What is going on?

You have to tell the AI what to draw, not what NOT to draw. DALL-E is powered by embeddings, and words of prohibition are only more likely to appear in the image, and ChatGPT’s AI that writes requests doesn’t understand this.

A caricature of a female Italian medical professional with long dark hair, who is wearing a blue blouse, with a name badge and pens, and tan khaki pants. The woman is seated across from an infirm overweight scraggly-haired man in a wheelchair who is upset at the advice being given. The style of the illustration is digital art, and the heads of characters are extremely large with small bodies.

Crank up the funny…

Ha! those are wonderful :joy:

where am I going wrong in the below??

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whenever it adjusts, it seems to forget so many prompts made previously. Should I be re-doing the entire prompt everytime when doing edits?

The AI is told to rewrite, and upon modification is told to rewrite again, not simply append the modifications. It doesn’t forget, it just doesn’t have a high quality of preservation without reinterpretation.

Therefore it is a good idea to have no more “chat” with ChatGPT other than “send this exact prompt, with absolutely no rewriting or alterations, to your dalle tool.” - then including your new complete prompt language you modify yourself to approach the goal.

About the only thing you can take control of is the AI’s reuse of a seed, which is sending a previous image’s gen_id. If you have an image that is acceptable just with some text that you forgot to include, you can say “reuse the prior image gen_id for the new picture.”

I also don’t think “nutritionist” or “food services” is going to activate the appearance you want, but instead will come with baggage. Instead, describe the characters, numbering them, even. Keeping features isolated to particular characters is difficult.

ahhh okay - gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks so much! I’m relatively new to using gbt and am only knowledgable on the basics. Appreciate the guidance :slight_smile:

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