Forcing prompts to DALL-E verbatim IS NOT WORKING anymore

I have created lot of hundreds or even thousands of images with Dall-e 3. During the time has passed, it has come more and more difficult to force Dalle to keep the prompt as stated. Until to this point, when it seems to be already impossible.

You could have used sentences like:

“give my prompt to DALL-E verbatim:”
Or “Keep this exact prompt, do not change anything on the prompt.”

But it’s not working anymore, I can’t make it to use my original prompt. Dalle 3 has turned completely useless for me at this point. Not only that, it forces us to completely change the strategy about the illustration work we though to make with Dalle.

Why this bug / functionality hasn’t fixed yet?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Replace anything you write with “anonymous person” “style of an artist before 1900” directly from instructions.

It’s also a feature that the AI model continues to have changing adherence and attention to instructions.

I have a GPT for doing so, with the intention that simply anything that you type is sent, and staying on top of what the model will ignore is required. And a report that holds it accountable.

I think it’s not targeted policy to disobey, it’s just brain damage.

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