DALL-E 3 disappeared from my API

Why has DALL-E 3 disappeared from my API? It wasn’t like this before.

Same on mine. Can you still hit the endpoint okay? They might just be changing something for the limits… or that it’s changing so fast.


Response :

  "error": {
    "code": 503,
    "message": "Service Unavailable.",
    "param": null,
    "type": "cf_service_unavailable"

Hrm. Working here.


Are you coming from a VPN or something? CloudFlare might be down?

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Using self-reverse proxy on my router it hit via


Was it working previously for you?

yes it was working before when it showing dall-e-3

in https://platform.openai.com/account/limits

now since it disappeared, it doesn’t work anymore

Yeah, it’s not on my rate-limits page either, so I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe they’re blocking your IP now or CloudFlare is hiccuping. A 503 means you can’t reach the server…

nah its Unavailable because of models disappeared

I trying curl manually got same response, other models I am trying its working

here is example for other models :

logs my app self-reverse proxy (built in golang) :

Well, it’s not showing here, and I can hit it fine, so I don’t know.

Might need to reach out to help.openai.com

tryna writing in help support
I haven’t finish yet writing for explaining but the bot just made it end a conversation

Update it work again now, can create image

@PaulBellow in my api still like this

Ah, still missing on that page for me too…

I found it here…



does you still can create a image using dall-e-3 while that missing in api page ?

Yeah, it went down with everything else last night for a little while, but I’ve been hitting the DALLE3 image endpoint today without problems.

That said, the fact it’s missing might be implying DALLE3 API is not ready for heavy-duty usage on a heavily used website.


I see it work for me last time while testing

Image :

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