DALL-E 3 Not Listed in Account Rate Limits Page

I am referring to here: https://platform.openai.com/account/limits

DALL-E 3 does not show in the big list of models in the account’s rate limit menu below DALL-E 2. Further, it does not appear as an option in the “Request a limit increase” box.

The limits are published in the docs here, but you have to know your tier: https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/rate-limits/usage-tiers

I was hoping to request a rate limit increase for the DALLE3 API. I like to generate 3-4 images at a time, so I hit the 7/min limit quickly.

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This happened to my account as well, and eventually, it showed back up again. I’m not sure why this keeps recurring. The first instance was after Dev Day, but it seems that everyone still has access regardless.

Interesting, I didn’t know it showed up for other people at all :thinking:

Ok, you made me look again and sure enough it’s gone, again. It had previously vanished and come back. However, as you mentioned , if I check the docs it’s listed here like this as an example:

tts-1-hd 20 - - -
dall-e-2 500 img/min - - -
dall-e-3 50 img/min - -

Which is what it showed before it disappeared. Of course, I’ve never seen anyone from openAI comment on why this comes and goes.