DALL-E 3 Announcement, Coming Soon

Wtf… Coherent WORDS with HUMOR? No freaking way. Surely the text was added in after :scream:


I got some really good “styles” that I could replicate… was able to differentiate the background and foreground here…

Used a lot of the art in my upcoming roguelike game…


Is it still just prompt → image, or does this allow us to refine the image iteratively through chatting? (“That looks pretty good, but change the boots to brown and move the sun higher in the sky”, etc.)


Likely still prompt → Image … but there’s outpainting too in labs… and via API with a bit of work…


Yes! 12345679012345679001


Actually the announcement says

If you like a particular image, but it’s not quite right, you can ask ChatGPT to make tweaks with just a few words.

So maybe it is iterative??

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One of the first things I tried with Dall-E was create a tileset. This is really exciting! I can’t wait to see how game studios take advantage of AI-generated graphics.

I’d imagine it would just re-draw it with the changed prompt. Unless they are planning to release image-reading capabilities alongside the new Dall-E.


even ChatGPT free is eager for the announcement…

(custom instruction escaped and programmed with a image generation function)

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What kind of unity engine statement is this “ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise”, so if you are paying for api access you need to get your hands in an enterprise account to use it or waste 20 a month to make pictures on a website with zero integration?

Welcome to the forum.

There will be API access to DALLE2 later this year. Is that what you’re asking?

I believe they are referring to

DALL·E 3 is now in research preview, and will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October via the API

Which makes it seem like we would need an active ChatGPT subscription to be able to use the Dall-E 3 API. Which, to me seems bizarre as well.

Unless this means that we are given a number of Dall-E image generations per time period at no additional cost, similar to ChatGPT messages.

But still, I liked the token system of Dall-E 2.

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That would be interesting.

There’s the labs.openai.com interface too - which has the outpainting feature… although they’ve kinda hinted at being able to edit images via text messages, so who knows!

I’m pretty sure the DALLE3 API will be available if you have an API account like DALLE2 was previously… we shall see, though. In any case, I wouldn’t compare them to Unity. We’re getting bleeding edge tech relatively cheap all things considered… and it’s not just huge corporations… :wink:


There is currently no released paper. The only information is available via the official page and the release video.

Does anyone already have DALL-E 3 access? If so, can you clarify what indication you receive that it’s available to you?

Does the ChatGPT UI update and suggest that you have access clearly? Or do you need to manually enable it in your settings; eg. similar to Browse with Bing coming back and needing to manually look through your settings to realize it’s available.

I have access, but it is currently in the Alpha tab, not in the Beta features. My guess is it will end up in the Beta tab, at least that would make sense as things stand, but it could be a new section like 3.5 and 4 have.


Hi Foxabilo. Quick question for you, how do you get access to the alpha tab?

If you have been granted access, you’ll see it at the top of ChatGPT Plus…

We’re helping work out the final bugs / minor problems, I think. It’ll definitely be worth the wait, in my humble opinion.


You will obviously need a ChatGPT Plus subscription, the part I don’t get is if the Dalle3 credits will be billed separately or not :thinking:

Doesn’t seem so at this point in the ChatGPT Plus interface, but there might be limits in place? Not sure of a monthly total images, though. I’ll keep my ears open.

For labs and the API, it’ll likely be credit based as it is now - with two credit systems, one for Labs and one for API.

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