Daily Limit Reached Just Started

I literally just started today generating an image and received a message,

“Since you’ve hit the daily maximum for generating images today, I’m unable to create a new image right now. You can try this request again tomorrow when the limit resets.”

What is going on???

I just woke up, haven’t generate a image since yesterday, tried generating an image today and it wouldn’t work and kept loading. And then when I tried again, I received this message!

There is not way to get an answer from support.

Someone needs to fix this as I am paying for something I cannot use.

Do you have a Plus account or a free account.

I have a paid account so not sure why this is happening.

Did you burn your messages like I did? This damn thing will auto generate images, with so little detail that it’s never correct.

I asked it to wait specifically until I confirm wanted generation and it’s still so bad that I often burn 10 or more messages changing the prompt… BUT THE IMAGE IS ALWAYS FUKIN WRONG.

Yes, I give it a prompt, it does it wrong, and then I have do do it several times to get it to work. Burns through images fast. It’s actually a joke.

Exactly! If I’m asking to be holding something above my head, it will often generate the arms holding the object. But my actual arms are at my side… the arms holding the object aren’t attached at all.

Why would it need to be told that those are should be my arms?

I had an issue today where a gave it a prompt, then it started to generate the image and never finished, it continually stayed in the loop generating, I refreshed the page, it continued generating but never finished, I left the chat, went back and it started auto generating and then consumed all my images for the day it says!

Yes, I give very specific and detailed prompts and it continues to do the very things I ask it not to do over and over. I get so frustrated. I revise, and it still does the same things it should not do over and over again. If this is the best of AI, humanity has nothing to worry about.

I just ended my subcription… talk about a waste of time and money. Might as well host a server myself.

Well I am going to give it a bit more time. I hope they work all of this out soon. Otherwise, I will cancel.

Best of luck to you… there are so many more services that allow you to self host. It does have some drawbacks, like a bit of training. BUT SO DOES GPT NOW, so I’m pretty much on the same ocean, just different boat.

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