Limits are Ridiculous and needs to Change

Can’t even find out how to contact support. The chat keeps sending me in an endless loop and never lets me send a message.

I like chatGPT 4 image generator much better than the 4o. Not sure why there is a different but there is.

But I have been generating about 5 images and then getting a message saying I have reached the limit for gpt 4 and have to wait for 2 hours!!! What is going on? Surely I can create more than 5 images???

I have not used chatGPT for many hours, I just came back, created a few images, and got another rate limit for chatgpt 4.0! Why?

This is crazy. Never paid for a service where I have to pay not to get to use it.

The image generator is the same—Dall-E 3—the only difference is the model writing the prompt for you.

dall-e-3 is a (relatively) expensive model. Through the API a single image is $0.04–$0.08, or about what 1,300–2,700 gpt-4-turbo output tokens costs. That’s on the order of 3–9 typical message outputs.

So, if you’re using the gpt-4-turbo model to call dall-e-3 each message exchange uses 4–10 times as much compute.

If there’s not a particularly heavy load at the moment so you getting the full 40-messages/3-hours I think you should be reasonably expecting to be able to generate roughly 4–10 images in that window if you’re not having any other pure text exchanges.

I expect this math will change quite a bit once the native image-generating capability of gpt-4o is released.

I don’t know all you’re saying, all I can say is that I was able to generate images and use chatGPT 4 without these interruptions in the past. I am not using it any more than I did months ago and now, I am getting these messages and even got one today that said I had reached my daily limit for image generation! It said I had to wait 9 hours 13 minutes to use it again!

Now that makes no sense as I never received that message before and I am not using this any more than I have in the past.

It’s getting harder to use this all of the time. Makes no sense to pay for a service where your work flow is constantly interrupted.

The interruptions are minimal compared to how hastily it mashes innane details into images now… after uploading 10 images of myself, it often parts my hair or adds a piercing of some sort. This model seems almost predatory, intentionally generating incorrect images or providing terrible data.

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