CustomGPT Initiated Follow-Up Messages/Dialogue

This is a rather big request implementation-wise but I think it has the potential to greatly expand the use-cases of ChatGPT.

At present AI can’t initiate dialogue. The user needs to start the conversation.

I’ve been experimenting with custom GPTs for coaching/guidance/mentorship and personal assistance. One important function which isn’t possible at the moment is for the GPT to initiate a dialogue for reminders and check-ins. This is necessary to make the experience interactive, natural, and also be more effective.

How the feature might look like:
CustomGPT setting for activating a “follow-up” feature with a user input m minutes. If activated, the GPT will generate a response to continue the ongoing dialogue m minutes after the last exchange. It will trigger a notification “(1)” on browser tab title or notification banner on mobile.

More complex use-cases will need intricate scheduling but this could be a start and opens up potential.

I hope this can inspire ideas. I know this can be implemented via the API but with a technical knowledge and cost barrier to many users.