Custom GPT not reading from uploaded PDFs

I have created a custom GPT and uploaded 3 pdfs there to test. My instructions to GPT are that it should only answer if it can find the answer in custom knowledge docs, otherwise say that it cannot answer. When I ask it about xyz WAF, it says that it does not have xyz WAF related knowledge. When I ask it to answer again looking at page 40 in one of the PDFs, it is able to answer correctly. It seems that it is unable to search through the documents that have been uploaded as custom documents. I thought the ossue was with formatting, but even if I convert the doc into txt and then generate pdf from just text, it is unable to search through it without ne specifying where to get the information. I thought it was because it took a while before the documents from the custom knowledge where processed for search, but seems like that should happen instantaneously.

Anykne else having an issue like this or has any idea on how to resolve this?

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Yes - having almost exactly the same issue.

Created custom GPT, uploaded a pdf, asked GPT a question, where the answer is in an Appendix of the uploaded PDF.

Custom GPT repsonded “I was not able to find specific content related to…”

Converted PDF to txt, then uploaded it. Asked the same question as before, received the same answer. Very frustrating!

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Yes l’m also struggling to get my GPT to read a report which is a mix of figures, tables and text. The issue seems to be extracting information from the figures.

This is the error message:

I have accessed the “Global Padel Report 2023” and navigated to page 15. However, I’m unable to directly view or extract information from this page as it seems to contain images or formats not readable by my current capabilities.

It would be helpful to have more guidance on how to upload files to the custom knowledge base so that they can be fully and accurately retrieved.