Custom GPT just started, ignoring all uploaded knowledge, documents, and custom instructions

I’ve been using a custom GPT that is our seasonal chef planner within the last couple of weeks. I’ve noticed that when I prompt it for new recipes it just completely ignores all custom instructions and documents in the knowledge section. For example, I have uploaded foods that we like and don’t like as well as foods that we are intolerant to in the past, it would give perfect recipes, including all of our substitutions for example we use walnut oil instead of olive oil, But lately it has just been disregarding and giving recipes, including all of our intolerances and including foods that we told it not to.

When I ask if it has knowledge documents and instructions, it says yes, and when I ask it to please list all of our preferences and intolerances it lists perfectly. The only way I can get it to consider all of our preferences before giving the recipe. I am currently experiencing this on other custom GPts as well